In order to have the life you want, refinement is required. Embracing refinement is what carried me from a girl who grew up in lack, stress, and drama to a woman who married into a strong, supportive family, a wonderful husband, great friends, and a fabulous career. I want the same for you. I think that the world is a better place when there are more truly happy, peaceful women in it. Here are 10 codes of conduct that I have learned and applied to change my life.

1.      An exceptional woman is organized. It’s so important to get your personal space in order, even if everything else feels chaotic. Start with your physical space. Go right now and clean out your purse, clean out your car, and clean up your place. I guarantee you will instantly feel a little bit better and you will be able to think more clearly.

2.      An exceptional woman is gracious. One of the most rare and important gifts in your personality that you will develop from these courses is an air of grace. You may think you are gracious now because you know how to be “nice,” but this is different from just being nice in social settings. You must develop a kindness, understanding, and feminine strength that only comes from intense self-awareness and inner work.

3.      An exceptional woman carries herself well. Having good comportment (behavior) is extraordinarily important to develop into a woman of grace, charm, and power. I will share with you the unsaid things that make a woman truly impressive in her behavior and interactions with others.

4.      An exceptional woman is present and attentive in her listening. One of the real tragedies of today is how self-absorbed and hyper talkative the women of today are. You must develop active listening skills in order to be a thoughtful friend, partner, as well as an excellent conversationalist.

5.      An exceptional woman is a good financial steward. I’ve worked in the field of management consulting and investment banking with many high-earning, fun, good looking, and yes, marriage minded guys. One of the absolute deal breakers for them is a beautiful woman who is foolish with her money. Automatic red flag. You must learn discipline now and get your affairs in order if you want to meet successful people and marry a successful man.

6.      An exceptional maintains an open mind. When mingling in different social circles, and even while taking the courses here, you’re going to be presented with some very contrarian viewpoints. It is very important that you are open to hearing, considering, and examining your current beliefs against your old ones. You certainly don’t have to agree with everyone, but it is imperative that you at least take different opinions into consideration and offering your own from a place of grace and not defensiveness.

7.      An exceptional woman refrains from man-bashing. It is unbecoming of a lady to constantly go on emotional tirades about men, especially in public. Don’t do it. Furthermore, the relationship part of this platform is about becoming emotionally healthy women and partnering with emotionally healthy men. Therefore, incompatible men will not be discussed at length, as we want to focus on the men that actually DO deserve your attention.

8.      An exceptional woman is committed to her growth. This platform is for women who are ready to develop into real women, not lazy little girls. In order to create an amazing life, you must work on yourself and make changes. Take action on the assignments and give them your undivided attention when you do. Change comes from action, not talking. You will have accountability in these courses, so be prepared to work. It’s fun and you will be glad you did it.

9.      An exceptional woman honors the journey of other women. Another woman’s life choices is not a negative value judgement on your own. Some of us are bankers, others teachers. Some of us are Christians, others are Hindu, and others are atheists. Some of us are mothers, others childfree by choice. In the groups we have women from all backgrounds, from Black to White to Latina to Asian. Whatever the case, we are all sisters and need to honor and learn from one another. If you must openly disagree, do it without being disagreeable. Let’s embody a spirit of graciousness in our fellowship.

10.  An exceptional woman knows how to enjoy the ride of life. The things you learn and apply here will absolutely change your life. Get ready for peace. No seriously, get ready. So many women don’t know what to do when there is no more unnecessary drama in their lives. Learning to truly enjoy life and engage in deep pleasure and contentment will be a challenge for many of you (as it was for me!).

There is an exceptional woman in you already, and she’s waiting to emerge. What steps do you need to take to bring her forth?


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Who's Nikki?

Hi there! I'm Nikki (aka Lady CRO), the creator and director of the Exceptional Woman School, where we work on cultivating the exceptional mindset that allows you to have TRUE confidence and the courage to create and sustain a great life.

The CRO stands for "Cultivating Relationships and Opportunities". I believe the cultivation of yourself, your relationship with others, and your life skills are what give you the ability to create a successful career, a happy and productive marriage, and joyful motherhood, if you so choose. That's what I focus on here.

I hope you enjoy the conversation, and that I'll see you in a class very soon!