Hello, lovelies.

I recently had a powerful realization.

There's so much to talk about "how to get the ring", "secure the bag" (honestly, I'm still not sure what that means exactly), and "be chosen" (I REFUSE to use the term "chose"), that you're not asking a fundamental and important question:

WHY do you want to get married?

I'm here to tell you the truth about all this, because I see a lot of dream-selling', and it's really messed up if you think about it: there are gurus left and right selling you on a fantasy of marriage where all you have to do is be young, look pretty, and have a few slick phrases in your pocket, and you'll beset for life. (I call this "the tips and tricks approach to marriage.")

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Marriage, and let me qualify this, a HIGH QUALITYMARRIAGE requires an exceptional level of self-awareness, discernment, and personal cultivation. You cannot try a "tips and tricks" approach to getting an excellent husband and having an excellent marriage. If the foundation of your marriage is based on "tips and tricks," that will be the spirit that rules your marriage.

Do you know who is most susceptible to a "tips and tricks marriage"?

A woman who didn't truly understand why she wanted to get married in the first place.

I want you to know exactly WHY you want to get married, so you can have clarity on the life you want to have, target the right dating pool, and cultivate yourself accordingly.

So here are a few questions I want you to ask yourself to help you figure out your PERSONAL reasons for why you think you want to get married:

1. Do you REALLY even want to get married?

2. If you do really want to get married, are you ashamed of that desire?

3. When you think about YOUR marriage what does it look like? How will it benefit you?

4. When you think about your husband, what is he like?

5. When you think about yourself as a wife, what are YOU like?

The first 2 questions are about GETTING married, while the final 3 questions are about BEING married.

Can you discern the difference?

This is just some food for thought that I hope you will carefully consider. Think about some next steps that you'll take to align yourself closer to the desires that you came up with when you answered the above questions. (If you're not satisfied or unclear on your answers, message me.)

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Remember, you can have any wonderful thing. Open up and let Heaven surprise you.


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