How does a little boy grow into a lionhearted, honorable man? (STORY TIME: A father teaches his son about sacrifice.) 

After our first go around the lake on the boat, we had lunch and then hubby and my son got on the jet skis. Wonderful father-son time. As a mother, I was terrified. I didn’t want my baby to get on any jet skis. 

And this is where the test begins. The understanding that as a woman, there are certain things I can NEVER teach my son.


I have to let him go and turn him over to the family men to instill certain characteristics in him that I would instinctively try to protect him from as mama bear. It is understandable, it is beautiful, but it is INAPPROPRIATE for his development.

So off on the JetSki‘s they went as my daughter and I and the other women remained cruising on the boat. After a few minutes, my husband and my son were out of sight and I felt so nervous. We didn’t see them for quite some time, maybe 40 minutes.

During the time of they were out of sight, something happened. The Jet ski began to tip over and my husband had to make a snap decision. As he felt the jet ski leaning over, he knew that the entire thing was going to flip with him and my son on it.

He decided to let himself roll off of the JetSki while using the force of his body to kick the JetSki back right side up so my son could be safe on it as he held on. My husband fell off and the jet ski immediately turned off, as he had the wisdom to tie the key to his life jacket. My son was on the JetSki by himself looking for his father, as my husband swam back to the JetSki. He was able to climb back on safely and then found us on the boat and let us know what happened.

Now, the mother in me of course wanted to pull my baby on the boat, hug him tightly and rock him back-and-forth, but honestly they were safe, my husband used wisdom, and there were other family men around that could help if things really got perilous. What I had to do next was show my son that I was proud of him and his father and not act as some fretful overbearing mother. So in the video you’re seeing now, I’m cheering them on as they continue their journey back to the inlet on the JetSki.

When we were driving home my husband explained to my son that he sacrificed himself off the JetSki so that he could stay safe and not have to be in the water as well.

I’ve been telling my husband and my son all afternoon how proud I am of both of them and how brave they are. My husband has been talking to him about what fathers do to protect their children and their families. This was an unexpected rite of passage for me, but these are the types of circumstances that allow for these types of rights of passage to occur, and men are very aware of this.

It also helped me realize why my little brothers could never seem to get it together. How could they? What examples did they have? That’s another essay, though.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking so much about it for the last couple of days and I think it’s time for a class on this. For those of you that are interested, I’m going to do a rites of passage class next Sunday. Hope to see you there.


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