I've been watching Disney movies with my little ones all day and a thought came to me.

After we watched the classic Cinderella movie, Cinderella 2 and Cinderella 3 were recommended to us. I had no idea that those movies existed, so was really interested to see what they were about. It turns out that both movies had Cinderella going back to her servant clothes, interacting with her old nemesis, and not really expanding into her new role as royalty.

Now, why on EARTH would Disney make these movies?

Because Disney is brilliant, and knows something about human nature (especially women in this case) that most of us would NEVER admit:

We love LONGING for a new life, but most of us don't want to LIVE IT.

Disney knew that we wouldn't be interested in cultivation, expansion, and sustaining at a higher level (from maidservant to princess to queen to matriarch) because that requires DISCIPLINE, CONSISTENCY, and RESPONSIBLITY. And we ain't tryin to hear that.

We want the original chase. We want the moment in time. We want the romantic evening, the drama of the haters, overcoming them, and having our fabulous wedding day/happily ever after moment.

On some real ish, this is why we sabotage ourselves when something good happens to us. We want to experience the euphoria of the win, but not think on the new power level required to sustain and expand that.

Look, if you really want the real thing, and you're ready to receive allll the fabulous blessings and yes, the responsibility that comes with that, check out my course "Your New Life Will Cost You Your Old One." Be prepared for the overflow so you can manage it, enjoy it, and EXPAND IT.


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