Earlier this week, I made a quick video discussing how in order to reverse your old reality, you have to do some extreme and courageous things. This is the followup video that I promised you ladies. But first things first, let me tell you about the old reality that I had to reverse...

The old reality, the one I grew up in, was one of:

-children being created unconsciously,
-disappointment when a woman found out she was pregnant with a girl,
-and then treating the girl like a babysitter/maidservant/burden during her childhood.

My husband and I threw this lavish party for our daughter because WE HAD TO. It was so important to reset the mother/daughter energy for my baby girl. She will NOT go through what I went through. She WILL enjoy childhood. She WILL feel loved by her mother and her father.

My daughter is NOT a burden. She is my blessing.

I am a joyful mother of children, and if she so chooses, SHE will be a joyful mother of children.

I have done many UNCOMFORTABLE, HARDCORE, and WONDERFULLY EFFECTIVE things to change the trajectory for myself, my children, and my children’s children. I’m proud of myself and I’m so happy for my children.

I want to see you ladies do the same thing if that is your heart’s desire. Because of that, I’m opening a Reality Reversal Private Group where I will be coaching you ladies on taking steps to reverse your reality. YOU NEED SUPPORT WHEN YOU’RE CREATING A NEW REALITY. I truly believe one of my life missions is to help women fall in love with life and create the life they truly want, even if they’re afraid to admit it right now.

If you’re interested, just comment below, “Tell me more, Nikki” and I’ll reach out to you send you the information this upcoming week.

Hope y’all enjoy the video and that it helps you to open up to life’s beautiful possibilities.

Open up and let Heaven surprise you.

Love, Nikki.

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Who's Nikki?

Hi there! I'm Nikki (aka Lady CRO), the creator and director of the Exceptional Woman School, where we work on cultivating the exceptional mindset that allows you to have TRUE confidence and the courage to create and sustain a great life.

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I hope you enjoy the conversation, and that I'll see you in a class very soon!