Next Tuesday is Night 1 of our Games Guys Play series. I'm really excited about it and I wanted to talk some more about why I feel this class is so important.

Like many of you ladies, I grew up watching men behave very badly. The thing that made me most angry about all these bad behaving men, though, was the fact that there were always women to save them or make up an excuse as to why they couldn't get it together, or to cover up their sins in general. It was very frustrating to watch my brothers, cousins, uncles, dad, stepdad, mom's boyfriends, etc. get away with soooooo much when they gave so little. I remember being very angry as a girl about it. I didn't know exactly why, I just knew it wasn't right.

As time went on, I started to realize that these men were VERY astute and always knew what to say when they found themselves in a bad situation or had put any of US in a bad situation. They knew what emotions to appeal to, what promises to make, what buttons to push. I would hear the women ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that they were just being told what they wanted to hear, and THEN watch those same women PROCEED TO DO WHAT THE MAN WANTED THEM TO DO ANYWAY. It was infuriating and intriguing at the same time.

As I began having my own dating experiences, I realized pretty early on that I was beginning to repeat this same pattern of partnering with this same type of man, and that they always knew just how to handle the situation when the relationship was at risk and I had a foot out the door. Then I realized something.

Guys play games, and women let them win.

We let them win because we hype ourselves up talking about what we're NOT going to put up with, EVEN AS WE'RE PUTTING UP WITH IT.

We let them win because we can't STAND to be embarrassed after we just got through bragging on this man to our girlfriends, frenemies, and family on social media.

We let them win because even though we know what to do when we're writing our opinions online or talking with our girls on the phone, WE NEVER KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN THE MANISSTANDING THERE IN FRONT OF US saying or doing just the right thing to scare us or seduce us into staying one more time.

We have to stop this, y'all.

We have to move the WRONG guys out of the way so we can make room for the RIGHT guys. The loving guys. The emotionally healthy guys. The marriage-minded guys. They're out there and they're looking for their wives. Trust me. I went through the process and ended up with a loving, hard-working husband. The exact kind that the toxic guys in my past told me didn't exist. But that's what toxic guys do, right? Try to convince us to settle for trash.

So, let's take out the trash, shall we?

Over the next few weeks, I will be teaching you the top 15 games guys play and HOW TO WIN ONYOUR TERMS. I'm going to tell you HOW to master your emotions, make a good decision for YOU, and most importantly, ACT ON THAT DECISION. There will also be a private support group for exactly 60 days to help you stick to your guns during this process, because you WILL HAVE WEAK MOMENT AND THAT'S WHERE YOU USUALLY MESS UP. That's where the support comes in.<3

Well, that's all for now. I hope you'll join us in the class. Sign up right now if you feel inspired to. Make this the FIRST action step you take in your journey of doing what you know you need to do in order to live your best life.



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