“No other childhood experience is as compelling as a young girl’s relationship with her mother. Each of us takes in at the cellular level how our mother feels about being female, what she believes about her body, how she takes care of her health, and what she believes is possible in life. Her beliefs and behaviors set the tone for how well we learn to care for ourselves as adults. We then pass this information either consciously or unconsciously on to the next generation.

Though I acknowledge that the culture at large plays a significant role in our views of ourselves as women, ultimately the beliefs and behavior of our individual mothers exert a far stronger influence. In most cases, she’s the first to teach us the dictates of the larger culture. And if her beliefs are at odds with the dominant culture, ***our mother’s influence almost always wins***." 

In my Rites of Passage course, I discuss at length the rites of passage for mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, the inverse of both, their impact on our development (or lack thereof) and how we can RESTORE OURSELVES by creating our own rites of passage.

This is helpful if you have children, but remember, you are also someone's child. Even if you never plan on becoming a mother, you still must learn how to mother yourself and usher in a healthier sense of self.


*From the book, "Mother Daughter Wisdom" by Christiane Northrup

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