I have come to believe that the number of rites of passage coincide with the level of responsibility that you will have as an adult.

My children will have significant responsibilities when they are adults. They have already had their first rites of passage when they turned 100 days old. In many Asian traditions, the 100 day party is a significant milestone for a child, as that child has survived the first hundred days Earthside (before modern medicine especially, many children did not make it past the hundred day mark.). I was overwhelmed by my firstborn son‘s 100 day party. Generations of people came from all over bearing gifts, speaking blessings, and letting us know that we were not alone in the cultivation of our son.

The same happened for my daughter. She had a lavish princess party where we rented out the entire top floor of a restaurant. Everyone came out again, pouring love and speaking blessings.

A few weeks ago I spoke about the fact that the reason that so many of us are out of sorts as adults is because we were oriented towards our PEERS and not the ADULTS in our lives that are supposed to love us.

Rites of passage bring the family system and community together and your child has physical proof that they are loved and that there are other adults besides mom and dad that they can go to if they are in trouble or need wise counsel.

What could WE have become if we had that type of support in our early years?


P.S. these are video and pictures from their 100 day parties. Feels like yesterday.

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