Feast days are a lot of work for me as a mother, but I love them so much. I have to make sure we get to Mass, make sure that the children pay attention to the liturgy, plan the meal, go to the butcher, cook, prepare the table, think about the lesson that I’m going to teach during the dinner, and finally wrangle the little ones to the table. It was extra challenging today because there were at least five glasses of water spilled and 3 temper tantrums thrown while I was trying to cook. 

It’s a lot of work, but it’s good work, you know? To watch the people you love and CREATED in love eat and ENJOY the food that you cooked in love… Man, talk about a blessing. (Also, you’ll be amazed at how good food can taste if you stuff it with fruit and cook it in wine.)

Our current culture tells us that women shouldn’t be doing all this. That it’s a burden. That I should take my MBA and carry myself back to the bank and do something useful. And for some women, that actually is true.

But for me, this IS the most useful thing.

Creating two more human beings that sprang from love and intention, that could be a force for good in the world… What could be more powerful than that?

Today is the feast of Pentecost for Catholics. This is a really big day for us, as we Close out the Easter season and celebrate when the Holy Spirit came to earth and blessed the apostles with the power of language and reaching others.

I would like to think that that is also my gift. To reach others. To reach people that even if they don’t want to do the traditional family life, they can see the value in connecting with people who are different from themselves, that friendship should be diverse, that love is real, that life is worth living. I’d like to think I can reach a few people, and that will be enough. We’ll see.

Dinner was great, everyone has happy tummies. Hubby is doing a little yard work, and I’m enjoying a glass of wine while letting the kids ride on their scooters for a few minutes before bathtime and prayers.

I hope everyone has a great evening.

Let the peace of God reign in all our lives.


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