Let me let you in on a little secret.

You are NOT going to live the life you want without pissing a lot of people off. They’re going to talk about you behind your back. They’re going to make little slick, passive-aggressive remarks to your face (“must be nice”). They’re gonna call you ALL TYPES of names, baby.

You better get ready to offend a LOT of people on your way to reaching your goals, or else you will get stuck in a mediocre life trying to appease those people.

Oh, and here’s the real kicker: The people that you loved and helped THE MOST are going to drag you the hardest. Even though you loved on them, tried to encourage them in reaching their own goals, put your money and energy on the line…all of that. They are going to be the MOST RESENTFUL because you kept moving, trying, and pushing toward your goals while they stood still. You were hustling, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes, and leveling up. And they just TALKED about what they were gonna do.

When you start actually achieving what you set out to do, you will be the mirror, showing them the things that they COULD have done if they weren’t so busy MAKING ANNOUNCEMENTS AND WOULD HAVE BEEN MAKING MOVES INSTEAD.

And baby, they’re gonna be MAD. They’re gonna be OFFENDED. They’re gonna try to make APOLOGIZE for your success.


You better shine bright like the diamond you are. Shine bright and attract higher minded people. Shine bright and attract that loving partnership that your heart desires. Shine bright and maximize your time here on this planet.



And that is why you must become…unapologetically exceptional.

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Who's Nikki?

Hi there! I'm Nikki (aka Lady CRO), the creator and director of the Exceptional Woman School, where we work on cultivating the exceptional mindset that allows you to have TRUE confidence and the courage to create and sustain a great life.

The CRO stands for "Cultivating Relationships and Opportunities". I believe the cultivation of yourself, your relationship with others, and your life skills are what give you the ability to create a successful career, a happy and productive marriage, and joyful motherhood, if you so choose. That's what I focus on here.

I hope you enjoy the conversation, and that I'll see you in a class very soon!