Being the female breadwinner sounds like a good idea until...

OK, ladies, since this is a VERY hot topic this week (and I was actually discussing this with a close friend 2 days ago), as someone who’s on the other side of this game, LET ME GIVE YOU THEREAL DEAL. Buckle up because this is a rant.

Being the female breadwinner sounds like a fantastic idea: woman power, girl power all that jazz, right?


Until the babies come.

The part of the conversation that is being neglected is what is going to happen to you and your relationship dynamic WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN. Many, if not most women do still want to be mothers at some point, and because no one is telling the truth most women are totally unprepared. Let me tell you: You are going to change SO MUCH once you have children. Your body will change, your feelings change, and EVEN YOUR BRAIN WILL CHANGE! You have no idea who you are going to be after you push a baby out of your body, so you better make d-mn sure you have options and are not stuck being the female breadwinner and having to be mommy on top of your new responsibilities!

There are certain things that cannot be outsourced and that the father CANNOT do.

There are certain things that you alone will be responsible for even when you agree that you will share those responsibilities. Sometimes the baby AND the toddler will scream all night until MOMMY comes into the room. They do not want daddy. They want mommy! Talk to me about being a female breadwinner after you have not slept well in three months, or three years!

It’s time to tell the truth about relationships and roles and marriage and children and money! I’m not saying NOT to be the female breadwinner, to go out and be a gold digger, but THINK ABOUT WHATTHAT MEANS LONG TERM AND GIVE YOURSELFOPTIONS! Do not paint yourself into a corner to where you absolutely have to figure out money right after you have a baby! Make sure you get with a man who makes some money and can financially provide.

I don’t care how politically incorrect and this is, as a woman who has a three-year-old and a brand new baby on the breast, and is a businesswoman, let me tell you this is not a game! I have great help and I’m still overwhelmed some days. I would be FURIOUS if I had to be the breadwinner at this point in my life.

Real talk.

Don’t let these women out here who don’t have kids yet gas your head up! I’m telling you because I’m living it. AND I’m telling you because I used to think the same thing, especially in my 20s. That I was going to be the same young, well-rested, 20 something and have the energy I had in that moment when I became a mother.

When I was partying and shopping childfree in Paris, on week long Crystal Cruises in Sweden, and vacationing in villas in Maui, in my mind I knew exactly what kind of woman I was going to be after I had my kids. That it was going to be all good and that I could do it all. Wrong! I started to look at some of the women in my firm that were 10 years older than me and wondered why they were falling apart and getting divorced left and right. Its because they were the breadwinners, they had babies, ran back to their careers, got overwhelmed, and got resentful because THEY REALIZED THEY HAD BEEN SCAMMED! I realized I was going down that same path and that I would need to marry a guy that would be okay with me taking a step back when I had our babies so even if I decided not to take it, it was still an option for me! This is what I’m telling you that you HAVE TO DO. Give yourself options!!!!

You need to understand that certain advice is only applicable in certain seasons of your life.

This season of being single is totally different from the season of being married with no kids. This season of being married with no kids is totally different from the season of being married with one kid. The season of being married with one kid is totally different from being married with TWO or more kids! Come on, now! Get a strategy together and don’t play yourself! This is why I created my platform and courses. I’m not gonna sell you a dream. Don’t let extreme women’s empowerment notions scam you out of a good set up. I’m telling you how to truly set yourself up for true love, partnership, success, and options so one day you are not stuck trying to earn money while you’re still bleeding and recovering from giving birth!

Don’t play this game!

You could have a great life, as long as you don’t play yourself in the process of trying to establish that great life!

I’m going to do a live class about the truth about money, men, marriage, and motherhood and how to make sure you get a good setup. I’m going to discuss:

• what type of guy you need to be dating from day one

• how to interact with him, educate him and how to treat you and prepare a life for you,

• what YOU need to be doing professionally, legally, and socially in parallel to make sure things go in your favor.

• …and much more!

I have a nice set up, but I had to use intention, strategy, and negotiation to get it. That’s why I created this platform. To talk to you ladies about how you can TRULY have a fulfilling life, partnership, and experience as a mother (if you so choose). YOU NEED TO BE THINKING ABOUTTHIS BEFORE YOU MARRY A GUY AND BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS!

Don’t miss this one. This could be the class that saves your future. Don’t play around with this. Don’t let the superwoman narrative seduce you into making decisions that you will regret.


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