I KNOW this one hurts.


But somebody needs to hear this today so they can stay encouraged. You're doing good. Maybe you're losing the weight and starting to feel more joyful and energized. Maybe you've met someone who is emotionally available, optimistic, and really into you. Maybe your business or career is going well and you're FINALLY getting your money right. You are feeling so good and you want to share your joy with those around you.

Listen to me, so I can save you some heartache. A lot of those people from your OLD REALITY cannot be happy for you because THEY ARE NOT HAPPY. Don't do what I did and beg them to celebrate with you and make changes as well so you can grow together. Ask or offer once. If they don't respond positively LOVINGLYLET THEM GO. You HAVE to do this, otherwise you will go back into the OLD REALITY and sabotage your NEW REALITY.

Stay encouraged and be aware. You WILL find the right people in your new reality. Things are getting better for you every day. Hold on to that.

You are magnificent. Own it.



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Who's Nikki?

Hi there! I'm Nikki (aka Lady CRO), the creator and director of the Exceptional Woman School, where we work on cultivating the exceptional mindset that allows you to have TRUE confidence and the courage to create and sustain a great life.

The CRO stands for "Cultivating Relationships and Opportunities". I believe the cultivation of yourself, your relationship with others, and your life skills are what give you the ability to create a successful career, a happy and productive marriage, and joyful motherhood, if you so choose. That's what I focus on here.

I hope you enjoy the conversation, and that I'll see you in a class very soon!