Can I ask you a question, though? 🧐

Why do we have such an attitude with the next woman who's living the life she wants? I'll tell you why.

Because we play too much.

We drag our feet and we waste time and then get mad that we don’t have what we really want. A lot of people wonder how I have been able to create what I have created in my life. It's because I don't waste time. I walk towards my expansion EVEN WHEN IT FEELS CRAZY AS HELL.

The night I met my husband I was driving home from a long hard days work and was ready to call it a night, but something told me to turn right into that parking lot and go to one of my favorite restaurants for a quick bite. I was NOT in a great mood, I was mad at the dude I was dating, I had a hard day at work and to be honest, I just wasn't feeling it. But I had SUCH a strong feeling that I literally said out loud, “I don't know why the hell I'm turning into this restaurant right now but I'm just gonna go do it.”


If I didn't take that opportunity and move on that intuition at that EXACT moment I would NOT be where I am today. I have so many stories like this, where I just walked towards something even though it felt crazy end it turned out to be the key to a next level of expansion for me.

Seriously, ladies, we play too much. We think we have all the Time in the world but WE DON’T.

Even if you eventually get that thing in the future, you've lost time that you could've been enjoying that thing in the first place. For example, you don't sign up for a program now because you think it'll be there later, or you want to wait, hoping it goes on on sale.

Okay, so let's say you're right. Let's say that it DOES go on sale six months from now. That is SIX MONTHS OF LOST WISDOM AND GAME that could have helped you make a different set of moves and been in a TOTALLY different position in the next six months. You gone mess around and miss your man and your money dragging your feet.

We play too much.

Let me ask you: What are the opportunity costs of dragging your feet? How much money have you left on the table because you didn't go for a certain job? HOW MUCH LOVE HAVE YOU ***NOT*** MADE WITH A WONDERFUL MAN BECAUSE YOU WON'T WORK YOUR SHIT OUT, GET HEALED, AND GET IN THE GAME SO HE CAN FIND YOU?

I keep winning because I don't fvckin play. I go towards my expansion even when it seems crazy. A lot of y'all could have BEEN in the position you truly want to be in, but you're dragging your feet, thinking you'll do it later, waiting for some sale, or the right time, or a whole slew of excuses that keep you on the sidelines missing out on life.

WTF did you come to Earth for? To drag your feet, to live a half a$$ life?

I came to live ABUNDANTLY. I came to help YOU live ABUNDANTLY. If you are ready to stop playing I have two mentorship openings, and you need to grab one of them. No more playing games.

It's time to get married to the man you want and stop pretending that you can take it or leave it.

It's time to level up to the career that you want. It's time to become the sovereign sexy bad ass chick you always knew that you were. STOP PLAYING AND GET IN TOUCH WITH ME TODAY.

I'm the real deal and I know WTF I'm talking about. Period. I WANT TO SEE YOU WIN. I'm ready to see you in victory. Aren’t YOU ready to see you win???

Stop playing small.

Stop playing scared.


Let’s take 20 minutes and talk about how to create your ABUNDANT, ACTUALIZED LIFE with mentorship.


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